Letter from John Allanson.

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Letter from John Allanson.

Post by Michele Monro » Wed Oct 06, 2010 8:10 pm

I have just finished reading the books, and you asked, if I would let you know what I thought.
I do not know if you have had any experience of writing, but I was so impressed, I liked the fact that you were narrating it from the view of a third party almost, totally impartial, and you have not hidden anything or deliberately glossed over something. I was surprised because a lesser person would have left certain things out, and I learned things which really were very personal to your dad and family, example doctors reports.
In contrast Nancy Sinatra wrote a book about her father shortly after his death 'Sinatra american legend' and all though good in parts it was written with rose tinted glasses, and spoilt the book.
I was really surprised at the amount of letters your parents wrote and postcards! the way they read it really comes across how down to earth they were, and the whole family if your anything to go by. It was great that your mum kept diaries and correspondance, and she really comes across as a very strong woman totally dedicated and I can see where you get your drive from and it was great that she saw the finished article.
I also liked the fact that you had the photographs at the same point they were referred to in the text, and not just clumped together in the middle like so many books are.
I probably like a lot of fans was aware your dad was successful overseas, but I did not realise the amount of time he spent abroad, and it must have been hard on the family having to share him with the rest of the world, it must have been sureal.
And then I got to the end of the book and knew what was coming, but you had been very clever by putting the end at the beginning those opening pages heart tugging.
I will be totally honest my eyes were welling up at the end, and if a book can do something like that to your emotions, well that has to say something about the subject and of course the author.
I had to get the DVD's out over weekend and had a long Matt session.

I have an idea for you, how about a book containing more photographs on glossy paper a sort of the Matt Monro story but chronological with photos a coffee table type book. But have a well earned rest!

I will treasure this special reserve and it will be a constant source of reference.

Michele you should be very proud with what you have achieved and you have certainly left your son a great gift. I know you will keep the Matt Monro name in the public domain.

Kind regards,

John ( a fan )

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