Matt Monro Sings

The first collaboration with Not Now Music this two disc set includes all 18 of the tracks Matt recorded for Decca as well as an audio version of the Australian concert from the DVD An Evening with Matt Monro
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Post by ROBERT M. » Thu May 01, 2008 10:47 pm

Mine is still in it's wrapper, but I will let you know about the state of the CD cover, when I play the CD (I don't usually unwrap them, until I play them) :wink: :)
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Post by ROBERT M. » Thu May 08, 2008 12:39 am


Well, I had to wait for what seemed weeks for HMV to post Matt Monro Sings to me, but I received it a few days ago. Surprise surprise the CD case was ...............unbroken :lol: :lol:

Considering this was Matt's first time in a recording studio, apart from recording Polka Dots and Moonbeams, this CD beggars belief how remarkable Matt sounds, note perfect, pitch perfect and how so very professional Matt/Terry Parsons sound's on what was naturally such a nervous day for him, one can imagine the feelings Matt was going through during the session.

It is hard to believe all 12 songs on Blue and Sentimental were recorded in just one day............a cold and miserable day at that, and we can all see the funny side of Matt wearing his bus drivers jacket during the recording session.

Those first 12 song's were recorded on October 28th 1956, but by January 5th the following year I think you can notice the more assured and mature Matt sound, especially on his recording of Garden of Eden which I believe has Matts traditional hold of the long final note, for the first time on record, so wonderful. I don't know if Richard had anything to with it, but Matts magnificent voice is heard fading to an echo through the speakers, which is so lovely to hear.

The Bean Song (which way to Boston) is pure uptempo Matt at his very best, one of Matts best ever foot tapping recordings. By this time, Matts voice is 100% there, no doubt about it.

Did you notice The Garden of Eden/Love Me Do (obviously not the Beatles song) :wink: was recorded on January 14th 1957, and was released as a single just 4 days later, now that takes some beating.

So Blue and Sentimental has 18 wonderful Matt tracks from his early recording career. Many thanks to Michele and Not Now Music for bringing us these gems, and a big thank you too to Richard Moore for his amazing work at re-mastering the tracks, to let us enjoy the songs as if they were recorded just yesterday :D :D
"My Tears Will Fall Now That You're Gone,
I Can't Help But Cry, But I Must Go On" :(

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Post by Rmoore » Thu May 08, 2008 12:43 pm

Thanks for the review Robert.

I have not added anything to these recordings. These recordinsg are exactly how they were issued 50 years ago - although a little bit of a spruce up has perhaps made the reverb sound clearer than it once was.

The recording dates listed in the booklet are those provided by the Decca Archives. However I have reason to believe that they are not strictly accurate because no original documentation exist - the dates come from a card index that will be a copy of a copy of a copy of something so it's quite likely that errors have crept in. The session listing for the book will use a combination of these dates and a few dates that Matt entered in his diary.


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Post by keithgood838 » Wed May 19, 2010 5:37 pm


Until very recently Matt Monro Sings had managed to elude
the eager grasp of my manic-for-Matt's-music obsession.
So imagine my delight on being greeted by, arguably,
our hero's most appealing image gracing the double CD:
a big warm smile creasing those finely chiselled features.
My delight was immediately intensified by the price tag: £5.
I would gladly have paid a fiver for the picture alone.
The serendipitous experience even 'inspired' a short eponymous poem.
The appearance of a little cloud in the blue sky of this HMV
shopping experience, however, was the realisation that among the books
on display, The Singer's Singer was a notably conspicuous
absentee. HMV have diversified into book retailing at their
record stores, and since their sister company, Waterstone's,
has been very supportive of Michele's magnum opus,
the obvious place to continue their endorsement of the music biography
is at the group's recorded music outlets.
One hopes that this glaring omission will be rectified when
the paperback edition of The Singer's Singer is published.


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