Let's clear up the Honda Debate

This collection features a selection of Matt Monro's best loved hits. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the singer's passing, the CD includes the previously unreleased 'I'll Never Fall in Love Again'.
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Michele Monro
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Let's clear up the Honda Debate

Post by Michele Monro » Fri Jan 01, 2010 5:50 pm

I may not have been to the site much in terms of contribution but I always read all your posts. Let me clear something up. Because I am always trying to bring you the news hot off the press I asked Richard to attach the track listing for the new album , which I decided to call 'The Greatest' after EMI told me they were calling it 'The Best of Matt Monro' (no comment).

After looking at EMI's list, I strongly objected to the use of certain tracks and in turn submitted a list of alternatives and gave the reason why I thought it should be included on the album. Nest to the 'Impossible Dream', I wrote Honda Advert. The fact that the song had featured in a major television campaign and has been widely heard by millions of people across the UK, was reason enough to include the track on the album. My thinking was that there are hundreds, if not thousands who DO NOT know who sang the track on the Honda advert (although we know it to be Andy Williams) and that might give some of them the incentive to buy the album as the track is now familiar to them.

Although this is definitely a worthy addition to the staunch fan's collctions because Richard has taken all the tracks from source, rather than off other albums, which EMI used to do out of laziness, it is mainly aimed at trying to convert new fans, who would be more tempted to buy a 'Greatest of CD' rather than the FIVE disc 'Complete Singles Collection' I produced especially for the true fans.

In my haste to add the information to the site the original notations for the tracks got left on. I apologise if it has confused everyone.

'We're Gonna Change the Wold' has been included as it is one of the most requested tracks and was only included on a specially commissioned CD for Marks and Spencer.

The same can be said for 'If I Never Sing Another Song' as it last appeared on "The Singer's Singer', which is now deleted.

'I'll Never Fall in Love' has been put on as the finale as it has never been released as a solo version before, even though it should have been, EMI made a mistake and included the duet on previous releases.

The songs do not get picked out as a random lottery, they are carefully chosen and agreed upon by myself and Steve Woof. This CD is an introduction to a singer, others may have not heard as yet. Although I have pointed out that if it doesn't do well in the charts this time round, there will not be as many future projects. EMI base their decisions on past sales and if the album does well they will have no argument against doing the rarer collections that Richard and I have worked hard on to bring you.

Here's hoping that your New Year is filled with music

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paul jh
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Re: Let's clear up the Honda Debate

Post by paul jh » Fri Jan 01, 2010 7:13 pm

Thanks for the explanation, Michele.

So glad We're Gonna Change the World is included as it seems to be a personal favourite of Sarah Kennedy and her music producer Julie. They played it for our very own John and Sandra for Matt Monro's birthday. The song is on one of my fave collections The Very Best of Matt Monro, but I haven't seen that in the shops in some time.

I am looking forward to having the proper mixing and sound of those great songs. And the Singles Collection and the book (especially the special edition) are all musts. Really can't wait. I think 2010 will be the year to honour Matt Monro and his music. Happy New Year to all the Matt Monro family and friends and fans!

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Lena & Harry Smith
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Re: Let's clear up the Honda Debate

Post by Lena & Harry Smith » Sat Jan 02, 2010 10:55 am

Yep. bring it all on.!!!! :) :)

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Re: Let's clear up the Honda Debate

Post by jon » Mon Jan 04, 2010 11:42 am

Thanks for the explanation too, Michele, and I wish a Happy New Year to you and the family - a sad year in some ways as the 25th anniversary of Matt's passing, but in other ways a happy one, in which we can all celebrate the music of the great man.

Happy New Year to you, Paul, and of course to all forum members and Matt fans everywhere. Greatly looking forward to the Singles collection!

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