The Arrangements

Part of EMI's 2 on 1 series this package combines two previous Spanish albums, although this is the first time these foreign language recordings have been made available to England
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The Arrangements

Post by paul jh » Thu Sep 20, 2012 4:21 am

I finally got a chance to listen to this. It was included in the goodie bag at the second Fans Reunited.

I enjoy listening to a full album in Spanish (rather than a random track on a compilation). I especially liked the Spanish versions of All That Remains -- a song that continues to grow on me. I also loved the Spanish version of Two People, a Don Black/Dennis King song, which I don't think I've ever heard in English.

Some of the arrangements sounded different from the English versions, especially Autumn Leaves. The strings were the same, but the piano was different. And I liked the mix of Can't Take My Eyes Off You better than the one on Rare Monro, The Ultimate, and Complete Singles Collection.

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Re: The Arrangements

Post by Rmoore » Thu Sep 20, 2012 9:35 am

There are no differences in arrangements between the English & Spanish version of those songs. They may have been mixed differently though. Only the new songs had new backing tracks recorded, otherwise they used the same tracks. When they then made English versions of Spanish songs later they once again used the same backing tracks. The differences aren't usually that much though as 4 track tape doesn't give that much flexibility as far as mixing is concerned!

In some cases they even wiped the English vocal from the multitrack to record the Spanish vocal. This certainly happened to 'The Shadow Of Your Smile' and 'Maria'

I am only aware of two versions of 'Can't Take my Eyes Off You' These are not completely different but have different sections. Matt had trouble with the pronunciation of most of these tracks so multiple takes were edited together. The two versions are two different edits.

I need to check which version is used where, but as far as I remember, Rare, Ultimate and the Spanish Album contain the same version, the alternative (but actually the original version used on the Argentinian LP & Singles) is the version on Complete Singles - EMI UK only have the version issued on Rare etc in their vaults, As far as I recall The Complete Singles version is only held by EMI in South America.


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