How Can I Live Without Your Love

Five years in the making it delivers exactly what it says on the cover. Stored in the vaults of EMI and the BBC for more than four decades this sees 50 + wonderful new tracks as well as a smattering of unearthed jingles that Matt recorded for some of the most prestigious products of the day.
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How Can I Live Without Your Love

Post by Rmoore » Sat Jan 05, 2013 9:48 pm


I've just been speaking to Buddy Greco who has solved a puzzle we had about who composed 'How Can I Live Without Your Love'

In my research for the album I drew a blank as to the composer of this song. I've just checked my notes and found that MCPS/PRS had no record of the song, ASCAP listed a song by a German writer which wasn't right (I was able to find a clip and it wasn't the same song) and a google search came up with nothing!

However Buddy has told me that the song is actually his! He wrote it in the early 70's with Englebert Humperdink.

Of course if i add the word 'Greco' to the title and search in google, up it pops!

I have put Buddy in touch with EMI and hopefully this will be changed on future pressings.

Now, if we can only find the writer of 'One Last Try'...........


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