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Post by karl » Sat Jun 10, 2017 3:30 pm

I've been saving my points at Sainsburys until they have the double up in November when you can redeem a certain amount and get a voucher for double once you state what you want to buy.
I've been saving for a new larger 4K tv. I check what they have in stock from time to time but the last few visits they've all been on offer so I smelt a rat, asking at customer services they told me they will stop stocking tv's in two weeks as Argos is coming into the store.
At the moment I have £108 on my Nectar card. I think I will be able to redeem some at Argos but in hindsight Currys is opposite Sainburys and I've always been given good deals there so I may stay faithful to them.
The tv I have was bought in M&Swhen I worked there but they no longer stock them either, that's what annoys me with stores like that they have to stock everything then they drop them. I am waiting for the day Currys starts selling groceries!!! :roll:

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